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His destiny is written in the name, Rudeejay. A story unique because authentic, able to drag, win, inspire people and the direction of the music industry, anticipating the times and trends in a vortex in which he confirms himself step by step as a pioneer, climber, runner in a path of growth and maturation made by continuous and unstopped confirmations.

As new pillars for Rudeejay, the opening of the Italian popstar Jovanotti’s concert and of the DJ Sets by Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Deorro, Benny Benassi, his remixes for Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig, Afrojack, the collaborations with VINAI, DJs from Mars, ANGEMI, the record that has seen him as the only confirmed deejay for ten consecutive years at Papeete Beach in Milano Marittima, on a journey that has taken him everywhere in Italy but also in Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia.

Full biography:

From DJ to producer, with the launch-project ‘Omonimo’ for “Wanna B Like A Man” and “Two” followed by the hit “The Rhythm Is Magic” that exceeded the million overall views on YouTube, then he has become primarily a forerunner of a future increasingly focused on social networks, in which Rudeejay is dedicating to mash-ups and bootlegs - immediately causing another boom of interactions, even by listening to them during the legendary Tomorrowland festival.

The unstoppable success goes beyond numbers growing exponentially day by day, marked by the spirit, the tenacity, the passion that he puts in everything he does. Impossible to enclose him within a definition or figure, his life is on the move as the thousands of people that he makes dance every week. Rudeejay’s fate not surprisingly was already written in the name.



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+385 91 5615 103